Organizational number: 802481-1922

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Lena Wäppling's Foundation is supporting research within the field of gynecology, mainly ovarian cancer research.

The Foundation is a private, independent foundation, based in Västerås, Sweden. It was founded in April 2019, with an initial donation from the founder, Lena Wäppling.

Lena Wäppling's Foundation is using its yearly return on investments, as well as donations to support research. The Foundation can decide to fund projects on its own initiative or based on applications. 

Lena Wäppling's Foundation is registered at the Swedish County Administrative Board and is under its supervision and control. 

Lena Wäppling, a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor, is the founder

Read more about Lena's personal cancer journey, and her focus on raising awareness about ovarian cancer, share a positive message and give hope. 

Board members
  • Jonas Eriksson Bergdahl

  • Karin Swärd Lindberg

  • Leif Wäppling

  • Lena Wäppling