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Lena Wäppling's Foundation

Lena Wäppling's Foundation was founded in May 2019. The Foundation is the only ovarian cancer survivor-led charity in Europe that raises and grants funds globally to support research into early diagnosis and treatments for ovarian cancer. The Foundation is private and independent, and is based in Sweden. It uses its yearly dividends, as well as donations for its research grants. Decisions to fund projects can be taken on the Foundation's own initiative or based on applications. The Foundation is a registered charity with a Swedish 90 account.

Learn more about our Vision, Mission and our Values!

Meet our Board Members and our Patient- and Carer Advisory Board

Read our Annual reports and statutes

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We believe in a future where no woman dies of ovarian cancer.



Our mission is to fund research anywhere in the world that will result in early diagnosis and better treatments for ovarian cancer

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Knowledge & Efficiency


We focus on what will make a difference: research

Ovarian cancer is the most devastating type of cancer impacting on women's lives. Medical breakthroughs are urgently needed. That's why we direct our resources exclusively to this field and only for research. Because innovation in this space is our only hope.

Collaboration & Accountability


We make your donations count

We coordinate our efforts with the help of a scientific committee to ensure your donations go to projects that can make a difference. We have a 90-account holder status from the Swedish Fundraising Control. This means we are committing at least 75% of our income directly to our cause. Currently, we are allocating 100% of our funds to research!

Openness & Unity


We believe in science without borders

Diseases have no borders. Neither should research! That's why we grant funds anywhere in the world important research happens. 

 Board & Memberships

Lena Wäppling is the Chair Person of the board. She is joined by the board members: Jonas Eriksson Bergdahl, Johanna Landin, Karin Swärd and Lisa Ehrborg.

The Foundation is a member of ENGAGe; a network of European patient advocacy groups and associations active in the different gynecological cancers (particularly ovary, endometrial, cervix, vulva and rare cancers).

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Patient- and Carer Advisory Board

Our Patient and Carer Advisory Board is there to help us ensure that we don’t miss any important opportunities to involve people affected by ovarian cancer in the work and strategic direction of the foundation.

So far this Advisory Board have:

  • helped us with planning of our activities

  • helped us improve our website

  • helped us further develop our charity run: Lena's Run for Life

The Patient and Carer Advisory Board is not fixed by way of membership but we aim to always maintain a core group of between 5-10 patients and carers.

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Advisory Board Members:

Maja Aase

Victoria Isakas

Mirjam Widén

Lena Jacobsson

Maria H.

Stina Hammar

Lena Wäppling

annual report

Annual reports & statutes (In Swedish)

Annual report
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