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 Lena's Run for Life 2023 

Important information to our run participants

Thank you for signing up for Lena's Run for Life! Here you can find information on how to register your distance, print your BIB and share information on social media. You can also find the results lists.


The information is for our participants in the virtual run and the local events in Sundsvall, Oskarshamn and Tyresö. If you participate in Västerås your distance will be registered by our volunteers. 


If you have any questions or need help please contact us via email:

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Register your distance

Registration of distance is possible from the first day of the run, August 28th, and it will close on September 6th. Please register your distance as soon as you have finalized your run.  

Choose from one of these two options to register your distance:

  1. Use the JOGG app, available for iPhone here, and for Android here. N.B.: The app is currently only available in Swedish, please find English instructions here.
    If you’ve already installed the app, please make sure that it’s version 1.7.3 or higher. You’ll find the version number under the tab Mer > Om appen. If not, please update to the latest version from App Store or Google Play using the above links. Tip: Install and log in to the app a few days before the race to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  2. Track your distance with any app, watch or simply estimate your distance. Use the link for the run you have signed up for, and sign up with the email address used when signing up for the run. Kindly note that your distance should be registered in meters and for 1 hour of running or walking.


Individual results for 1 hour of walking/running. The results will be visible from August 28th onwards. Team results, for all teams where four or more people have registered their distance, will be presented a few days after the individual registration has closed.

VIRTUAL:    Results_Virtual

SUNDSVALL:   Results_Sundsvall


TYRESÖ Results_Tyresö


Please share your run/walk experience on social media. Tag @lenawfoundation and use the hashtag #lenasrunforlife or #lenaslopp. 


Create a nice race feeling by downloading, printing and attaching your bib to the front of your running garment. Use the link for the run you have signed up for, and sign up with the email address used when signing up for the run.

VIRTUAL:   Virtual_BIB


OSKARSHAMN:   Oskarshamn_BIB

TYRESÖ:   Tyresö_BIB

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