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Important information to our run participants

The information on this webpage is for our participants in the virtual run and the local event in Sundsvall. For our other locations: Västerås, Zürich and Helsinki, your distance has already been registered. More results will be presented when the results reporting has closed.


If you have any questions or need help please contact us via email:


Individual results for 1 hour of walking/running
VIRTUAL: Results_Virtual
SUNDSVALL: Results_Sundsvall

Report your distance

Track your distance with any app, watch or simply estimate your distance. Go to the webpage for the run you have signed up for, input the email address used when signing up, and register your distance. Kindly note that your distance should be registered in meters.
VIRTUAL: Reg_Virtual
HELSINKI: Reg_Helsinki

SUNDSVALL: Reg_Sundsvall



If you are Swedish speaking you could download the app Jogg, in Appstore or Android GooglePlay 
SE only: För att kunna använda appen behöver du skapa ett konto i Jogg. Gör det med mailadressen du angav vid anmälan. Du ser då loppet du anmält dig till under Tävlingar. Innan du påbörjar ditt lopp, starta loppet i appen så räknar appen ner din timme och registrerar din sträcka direkt.


Please share your run/walk experience on social media. Tag @lenawfoundation and use the hashtag #lenasrunforlife or #lenaslopp. 


Create a nice race feeling by downloading, printing and attaching your bib to the front of your running garment. Use the link for the run you have signed up for, and sign up with the email address used when signing up for the run.
VIRTUAL: Bib_Virtual
HELSINKI: Bib_Helsinki

SUNDSVALL: Bib_Sundsvall

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