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Team event

Do you and your family, friends or colleagues want to participate in Lena's Run for Life as a team? Let's see which team can reach the highest average, ie. most kilometers per person during an hour of running or walking. Sign up a team with a minimum of 4 people and no upper limit. The starting fee per person is the same as for individual participation 100 SEK for adults  (≈ 9€,10$,9CHF, 8£) and 50 SEK for kids.


Signing up a team is simple. In the sign up tool, each team member signs up individually and just inserts the team's name under "Team".

After the run has finished, the results for all teams where four or more people register their distance will be presented, including the total number of kilometers per team and the average number of kilometers per person in the team. All teams will be entered into a prize raffle.  

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