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Lena's heroes

Without our heroes, who support and help us in many different ways we would be lost. Meet our heroes! 




I live in Uppsala. There are two main reasons why I want to help, the first is obvious given my own history: I want to spread the word "be aware of the symptoms" to enable early detection. The other is partly selfish - I want some scientist to come up with a way to reduce the relapse risk. I raise money by organizing golf tournaments where the surplus goes to Lena Wäppling's Foundation. This year I will arrange Provariikampen in collaboration with the Prostate Cancer Organization in Uppsala. Of course I run Lena's Run for Life and bring everyone I know with me!

"I didn't know you could get cancer in the ovaries until I was affected myself" 


Brand Message Strategist - To Brand Is Human

I live in Zürich and I helped Lena Wäppling's Foundation overhaul its brand messaging to better resonate with donors and sponsors. I was so happy to see it come to life and bring results with the social media campaign for Lena's Run for Life 2022 that I designed. And here's why.
Ovarian cancer does not occur as frequently as other types of cancer. And perhaps that’s why it’s not talked about as much. However this relatively unknown cancer is the deadliest gynecological cancer. For the sake of women worldwide it's about time we flipped the script on ovarian cancer and gave it the attention it deserves.

Skärmavbild 2024-01-01 kl. 17.51_edited.jpg

"Ovarian cancer may be relatively uncommon but its impact on society is devastating." 



Enterprise Architect

Just like Lena, I have also been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I live in Sundsvall, and I support Lena Wäppling's Foundation by arranging Lena's Run for Life in Sundsvall. I enjoy signing up sponsors and inspire people to participate in the run. It is important for me that ovarian cancer gets more attention and that more money goes to research.

"I do not want anybody to go through what I have been trough. Ovarian cancer concerns all of us. We all have a mother, grand mother, partner, wife, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt or future child or grand child that might be diagnosed with ovarian cancer." 



I live in Västerås and I have the honor of serving as the secretary in the foundation's board. It is first of all important but also fun and incredibly meaningful to help a charity getting a message out and making sure more money goes towards ovarian cancer research. Lenas Run for Life, our yearly charity run is a personal highlight!


"Being able to contribute to a cause that in the long run could help people affected and their families, feels extremely meaningful and honorable"




I live in Västerås, Sweden and I support Lena Wäppling's Foundation by volunteering at Lena's Run for Life. I enjoy helping out at the coffee stand and I also bake all the cinnamon rolls sold at the run.

"I am impressed by Lena's dedicated work to improve women's health. I try to support every way I can: by volunteering at Lena's Run for Life and spreading information about her Foundation."


Graphic designer

I live in Sundsvall, Sweden and I help Lena Wäppling's Foundation with all graphic designs such as gift certificates, banners and posters promoting Lena's Run for Life. Cancer affects everybody: the patient, the family and the friends. Research is key to better understand and ultimately cure the disease. Passionate people like Lena are needed to drive this change and they need our help. 

Lotta höstbild.jpeg

"I am helping out with everything I can, my knowledge and my time. Thereby, the foundation's money can go towards where it is most needed: the research!"

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