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Vi tror på en framtid där ingen kvinna dör i äggstockscancer

Vi tror på en framtid där ingen kvinna dör i äggstockscancer

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Our founder's driving force

"I don't want any woman to go through what I have been through” 

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Knowledge & Efficiency

Ovarian cancer is the most devastating type of cancer impacting on women's lives. Medical breakthroughs are urgently needed. That's why we direct our resources exclusively to this field and only for research. Because innovation in this space is our only hope.

We focus on what will make a difference: research

Collaboration & Accountability

We coordinate our efforts with the help of a scientific committee to ensure your donations go to projects that can make a difference. We have a 90-account holder status from the Swedish Fundraising Control. This means we are committing at least 75% of our income directly to our cause. Currently, we are allocating 100% of our funds to research!

We make your donations count

Openness & Unity

Diseases have no borders. Neither should research! That's why we grant funds anywhere in the world important research happens. 

We believe in science without borders

Board & Memberships

Lena Wäppling is the Chair Person of the board. She is joined by the board members: Jonas Eriksson Bergdahl, Johanna Landin, Karin Swärd and Lisa Ehrborg.

The Foundation is a member of ENGAGe; a network of European patient advocacy groups and associations active in the different gynecological cancers (particularly ovary, endometrial, cervix, vulva and rare cancers).

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Patient- and Carer Advisory Board

Our Patient and Carer Advisory Board is there to help us ensure that we don’t miss any important opportunities to involve people affected by ovarian cancer in the work and strategic direction of the foundation.

So far this Advisory Board have:

  • helped us with planning of our activities

  • helped us improve our website

  • helped us further develop our charity run: Lena's Run for Life

The Patient and Carer Advisory Board is not fixed by way of membership but we aim to always maintain a core group of between 4-6 patients and carers.

Advisory Board Members

Victoria Isakas

Ylva Jonasson Armfelt

Lena Jacobsson

Stina Hammar

Lena Wäppling

Lena Wäppling, a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor, is the founder

The Diagnosis

Two days before Christmas 2017, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It came as a big chock as I had no symptoms, other than a flu and a bad cough. Because of the cough, I contacted my doctor, and then the search for the cause of the cough started. After several x-rays and scans it turned out that I had a tumor, the size of my fist, on one of my ovaries, and it was the tumor that was generating the fluid, which had somehow found a way into my lung. ​At the oncologist, when I was being informed about the diagnosis, it was a surreal feeling, he must be talking about someone else, this is not about me. However, that was unfortunately not the case, I had cancer. I looked exactly like I had before but had a potentially fatal disease. When I look back, I can see a distinct before and after being told "You have ovarian cancer". My life would in so many ways never be the same again.

The Treatment

I had a big surgery, the tumor was removed and additional abdominal and lung treatments: HIPEC, pleurodesis and HITOC, were done. After five weeks of recovery, chemotherapy started. I had six cycles, one every third week. After completing the chemo, it was determined that I had reached what every cancer patient dream of: complete remission! That means that there are no visible signs of cancer, and no further treatment is currently needed. Nevertheless, ovarian cancer has a very high relapse risk so I am on a frequent follow-up scheme. ​Going through all the surgeries and treatments, is like a roller-coaster ride both physically and mentally. It is extremely tough but somehow you just manage because there is no other option. I started sharing my story in a blog. At that time I was in the middle of chemo, but I was determined to set small personal goals to have things to look forward to. It was my way of hoping for a tomorrow. ​I have not fought harder than anybody else, I have had tremendous luck. Luck that the surgeon managed to remove all the cancer tissue, luck that I was fit enough to be eligible for HIPEC and HITOC, luck that my body responded well to the chemo and luck that the cancer has not relapsed.

The Foundation

As I was recovering from all the treatments, I came to a stage where I strongly felt "I do not want any woman to go through what I have been through" and I could not just go back to my normal life again. I started holding speeches sharing my story, aiming to increase awareness and giving ovarian cancer a face. I also did some research and realized that the survival rates for ovarian cancer patients have not improved. Better ways to diagnose and treat ovarian cancer are needed! Sadly there is currently no screening method, and there are not that many foundations etc. that are active in financing gynecological cancer research. ​All this led to me founding Lena Wäppling's Foundation in May 2019.

Interview with Lena

Lena was interviewed by Karl-Johan Karlsson about her experience of learning about her ovarian cancer diagnosis, symptoms, the importance of early detection, emotional support, and her goals with her foundation. Watch the interview with Lena!

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Interview with Lena

Annual Reports & Statutes (In Swedish)
Annual Report
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